I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and came to the United States at a very young age. I began drawing at age 9; as a shy kid in a new environment, it was easier for me to communicate with others through art than with words. Over the past several years, my art education has been centered on classical realism. I have never considered art to be a career – it is a fundamental part of my identity. My work is mainly representational and influenced by my surroundings and my culture. I experiment with a variety of media – from oil paints to acrylics to simple pencil drawings – using color, design, and composition to tell a story. I find inspiration in late impressionistic and some modern art, but I prefer to avoid formula and stay inventive, always pushing the limits of my skill and creativity. For me, painting is an opportunity to explore beauty and communicate with the world around me; it is about a discovery of the self and a connection to life. – —

— Rasam

contact: biz.rasam@gmail.com